Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate Review

Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate Review

As soon as babies start to learn to use their motor skills, it becomes harder to control them. One minute, they’re on one side of the room. And in the next minute, they are found outside of their crib and have their fingers close to a power outlet or attempting to climb the stairs.

Parents are unable to monitor their child for 24 hours a day. That’s why the Regalo baby gate is a savior for busy and stressed parents.

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It has eight 24” panels are designed to give your baby enough room to explore as much as they want but also protects them from getting in harm’s way. This gate review will help you understand why this is an important safety tool to have, and how you and your baby can benefit from it. 

About The Product

The Regalo 4-in-1 Play Yard is known for its metal build construction and flexible hardware mount system. Its panels when fully extended provide up to 19 sq.ft of coverage. It’s currently sold on Amazon at a price around $80. Some notable features:

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    One touch safe lock release lever
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    192” Maximum Extended Height
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    Easily Folded Steel 
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    Age Requirements: 6-24 months
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    Assembly Requirements: Drill or Screwdriver mounted

First, the gate can be easily mounted to the wall. It features a walk-through door that has a double lock lever handle. This allows adults to pass through the gate and configure it towards the room’s dimensions. The gate can act as a freestanding barrier, play yard, or a wide gate for large opening. 

And the gate’s strong metal material is made to fit the US’s safety standards. For example, the American Society for Testing and Materials has stated that this pen can be used due to its safe hard mounting installation, and it's expanded panels that are made to cover the entire room. 

For your convenience, the Regalo 4-in-1 Play Yard has a simple set up and has a portable design. For instance, it comes with hardware mounting equipment to help you install the gate to the wall. This means that you can easily take down the playpen due to the compact folds. Because of this, the Regalo 4-in-1 Play Pen is great for traveling around the house, storing, or moving. 

Consumers like this play pen because of its quick installation. For example, they stated that they were able to install and remove the panels in under 1 minute. This playpen is great for indoors, and outdoor areas and can be used to babyproof a room within 3 minutes. 

On the other hand, there are some things disliked about the play pen. Some consumers noticed their infants able to break through the gate once they applied pressure to it. To prevent this, mount the gate and create an enclosed area to stop them from escaping and reaching their unauthorized areas. 

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Mainly, the Regalo 4-in-1 Play Pen is one of the most versatile play pens that’s out on the market. It has a dual direction, walk through door that can be opened with its one hand release mechanism. Buy this if you want a high-quality baby gate that can keep your child safe when you’re too busy to monitor them. 

Buying Advice

Are you still wondering what you need to buy for your baby? Continue reading so that we can further inform you of the right specs to look for. 

What Are The Most Popular Baby Gate Types?

Here are some of the most popular baby gate types:

Pressure Mounted

These gates have a tension system that helps it remain upright. Their main advantage is that they are easy to maneuver around the household. Also, they don’t require holes to be placed on the walls or a rigorous installation process. But, they aren’t strong enough to withstand the pressure. If your baby is strong enough, they can accidentally knock the gate over. 

Hardware Mounted

Hardware mounted gates offer the most protection and are the safest solution for your child. They are installed via screwing them into the wall with caps. There is a low chance of your baby knocking over the gate. They are sturdy, and you can move them around the house once you install the caps in different rooms. 

Freestanding Gate

Freestanding gates are a series of panels that can be combined to create an enclosed area. They can be installed indoors or outside to prevent a baby from wandering. Due to its portable and flexible construction, they are attractive for parents who travel frequently. 

Child’s Height And Age

Because baby gates are made to protect your child, you need to consider their age and height before buying one. Gates fall within a range of 22-32 inches in height. They can be placed in between drywalls, banisters, doorways, and balusters.

On average, a safety gate should be 3/4th of your child’s height in order to prevent accidents. Most manufacturers suggest that you buy a baby gate for children within 6 months - 2 years old. 

Construction Material

Safety gates are constructed from materials such as plastic, wood, or metal. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of every material before you buy one for your infant. Wood is a robust and durable piece of material that can be hardware mounted onto the staircase. We recommend that you invest in a splinter-free gate that’s build of solid wood. 

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate And Play Yard


Metal gates, like wood, is sturdy and secure when it's in use. Additionally, metal is the popular choice amongst parents but will require some DIY knowledge if you plan on installing it. Plastic is used for pressure pit baby gates. The materials are portable, light weight, and virtually impossible for your for them to climb out of.  

Final Verdict

We believe that the Regalo Baby Gate is the best investment in providing a safe space for your baby. Not only does it have a steel constructed base, but it also weighs 25 pounds making it easy to be carried to any location within the house. Ultimately, you should get this baby gate today if you’re serious about keeping your child in a safe environment at all times. 

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